A Pious Family Living Frugally

A Single Mama Living the Frugal Christian Life

The Journey Begins — November 3, 2019

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Are you up for an adventure? I am almost always up for trying new things. But this came out of left field, so I decided new beginnings require major decisions and life changes.

Single Mom Status, While Finding God

Im Miranda, and after a tough spell I’ve recently become a single mom to two boys. It’s been a long time coming, just wasn’t prepared at all for this to happen right now. My boys are 6 and 12 years old. I wanted to share my journey of re-discovering my faith with God, while finding out who I really am during this whole process. I lost my way with God a good while ago, but realizing now that I need his help surviving this crazy thing we call life! I lost all sense of who I was as a person also. Time to change and grow! God has always provided for us, one way or another though.

Being Frugal

Oh, did I mention I’ll also be doing all this while living on a bare bones income! I’ve been a frugal mom for a good while, but I’m stepping up my frugal game hard core right now to make all this happen.

Allergies and Homelessness

The trying times have hit us hard, and all at once it seems. One thing led to another, and we recently found ourselves in a sort of homeless situation. Through no fault of our own though, because we found mold in our rental property that we were living in. Which myself and one of my sons is extremely allergic to, so I had to do something drastic and rapidly! Got really lucky and managed to get us a camper for a decent price, $800 cash. Of course, at that price it came with it’s own issues. I have been fixing it up so that we won’t be homeless anymore! Been going at that for about 4 weeks now… It’s been exhausting, but definitely has been a learning experience too.

Moving in Time is Near

Finally, we are in the final stages of repairs and are about to be moving into the camper. I’ll go into further details about our camper in my next post. Anywho, we are going to spend some time getting settled into our new roles and life while living as a family of three. My goal is to travel the country eventually. We are going to try to be on the road, traveling around the United States, within the next year!

Life and Making Lemonade

It’s been a tough road to get to this point, but some progress is better than none at all. And I’m definitely not one to just sit around idly, letting life throws lemons at me. I will turn them into lemonade, every chance I can get!

Here We Go

So come join us on this crazy ride of rediscovery! And some nationwide travels, that will happen eventually. Looking forward to sharing with you the ways we are able to do what we do. To inspire, and encourage you; showing that everything happens when it’s supposed to happen!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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